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The WisTransPortal System

The WisTransPortal system serves the computing and data management needs of the Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety (TOPS) Laboratory. The project scope includes support for ITS data archiving, real-time traffic information services, transportation operations applications, and transportation research. Learn more.

WisLCS Documentation

WisLCS Advance Notification Guildeines
Minimum advance notification guidelines for Entering Lane Closure System Requests. Updated June 2016 (PDF Format).

WisLCS Quick Reference
Short Reference to WisLCS Procedures and Contact Information. Updated June 2015 (PDF Format).

WisLCS User Manual
Wisconsin Lane Closure System User Manual. Updated June 2016. (PDF Format).

LCS Quick User Guides. Updated March 2018.

WisLCS Training Presentation
Wisconsin Lane Closure System Training Presentation. Updated March 2015. (PowerPoint Format)

Lane Closure System FAQ
WisLCS Frequently Asked Questions. Updated August 2015. (PDF Format)

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