This page lists all the ITS subprojects that have been mapped to the WisTransPortal ITS project architecture. Each subproject represents a distinct functional area that encompasses one or more WisTransPortal system elements. Taken together, the WisTransPortal provides a platform for data archiving, integration, and interoperability within the broader domain of traffic operations and safety.

WisTransPortal_Crash DataExistingSubproject that encompasses WisTransPortal MV4000 crash data resources including crash data, crash report image files, crash GIS information, supporting data flows, and end-user stakeholders. Click to view the flow diagram.
WisTransPortal_ITS/OtherExistingSubproject that encompasses WisTransPortal ITS applications that are not captured in the other categories, such as WisTransPortal highway maintenance related applications and ITS as-built plan information. Click to view the flow diagram.
WisTransPortal_Lane ClosuresExistingSubproject that encompasses WisTransPortal work zone information, including the Wisconsin Lane Closure System and related data flows. Click to view the flow diagram.
WisTransPortal_Traffic DataExistingSubproject that encompasses WisTransPortal traffic data, including freeway detector data from the WisDOT STOC ATMS and traffic volume data from the WisDOT DTIM planning database. Click to view the flow diagram.
WisTransPortal_Traffic IncidentsExistingSubproject that encompasses WisTransPortal traffic incident data resources, including the InterCAD traffic incident data exchange system and TIA incident alerts. Click to view the flow diagram.
WisTransPortal_Traffic VideoExistingSubproject that encompasses WisTransPortal CCTV traffic camera resources, including the LINK agency video sharing system. Click to view the flow diagram.

Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory.

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