The WisTransPortal ITS Project Architecture inventory is a list of "elements" that represent all existing and planned ITS systems as well as non-ITS systems that provide information to or get information from the WisTransPortal.

County_Dane_Sheriff DeptSheriff's Department: Dane County
115 West Doty Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53703
(608) 255-2345
County_Milwaukee_Sheriff DeptMilwaukee County Office of the Sheriff Dispatch Center
821 West State Street, Room 107
Milwaukee, WI 53233
Phone: 414-278-4709
County_Waukesha_Sheriff DeptSheriff's Department: Waukesha County
515 West Moreland Boulevard
Waukesha, WI 53188-2428
(262) 646-3828
LMIGA_WebsiteLake Michigan Interstate Gateway Alliance (LMIGA) Corridor Website:
MediaThe Media element represents the information systems that provide traffic reports, travel conditions, and other transportation-related news services to the traveling public through radio, TV, and other media.
Meridian Systems_MDSSHighway Maintenance Decision Support System
Meridian Systems_Snow Plow AVLHighway Maintenance Snow Plow Location and Controller Information
TOPS_WisTransPortal_Crash DataTOPS Lab WisTransPortal: MV4000 Crash Database and Related Resources
TOPS_WisTransPortal_InterCADTOPS Lab WisTransPortal: InterCAD Public Safety (CAD) to Traffic Operations (ATMS) Traffic Incident Data Exchange
TOPS_WisTransPortal_Lane Closure SystemTOPS Lab WisTransPortal: Wisconsin Lane Closure System (WisLCS)
TOPS_WisTransPortal_LINKTOPS Lab WisTransPortal: LINK Video Sharing and Public Safety Information Service
TOPS_WisTransPortal_Maintenance DataTOPS Lab WisTransPortal: RWIS, MDSS, and Related Highway Maintenance Data
TOPS_WisTransPortal_TIA SystemTOPS Lab WisTransPortal: TIA Traffic Incident Alert System
TOPS_WisTransPortal_Traffic DataTOPS Lab WisTransPortal: STOC Traffic Detector Data, DTIM Count Station Data, and Related Information.
Vaisala_FTP ServerWisDOT Road Weather Information Service (RWIS) Data Provider
WisDOTWisconsin Department of Transportation Central Office
Hill Farms State Transportation Building
4802 Sheboygan Avenue
P.O. Box 7910
Madison, WI 53707-7910
WisDOT_DBM_BITS_LCS GIS ExtractWisDOT State Trunk Network (STN), Wisconsin Local Roads (WISLR), and Related GIS Inventory Data. Provided for the DBM BITS Lane Closure System Maintenance Task.
WisDOT_DBM_BITS_LCS LET Project ExtractWisDOT LET Construction Project Data. Provided for the DBM BITS Lane Closure System Maintenance Task.
WisDOT_DBM_BITS_MV4000 Crash Reports ExtractWisDOT MV4000 Crash Report Image Files.
WisDOT_DBM_BITS_RP GIS CoverageGIS Coverage of MV4000 State Trunk Network (STN) Reference Point (RP) Coded Crashes.
WisDOT_DBM_BITS_TRADAS Data ExtractWisDOT DTIM Hourly Traffic Count Data. Provided for the DBM BITS Lane Closure System Maintenance Task.
WisDOT_DMV_BVS_SuperloadWisDOT DMV Oversize / Overweight (OSOW) Permitting System.
WisDOT_DMV_MV4000 Content ManagerWisDOT DMV MV4000 Crash Report Image File Repository.
WisDOT_DMV_MV4000 DB2 DatabaseWisDOT DMV MV4000 Crash Database.
WisDOT_DMV_MV4000 Traffic Accident ExtractWisDOT DMV Preliminary and Year-End MV4000 Traffic Accident Extract Files: Accidents, Vehicles, Occupants, Objects, RPs.
WisDOT_DSPWisconsin Department of Transportaion - Divison of State Patrol
WisDOT_DSP_BFO_PersonnelWisDOT DSP Dispatch Center Staff and Others.
WisDOT_DSP_BPSC_CADWisDOT DSP Computer Aided Dispatch System.
WisDOT_DTIM_BPED_VMT DataWisDOT DTIM Vehicle Miles of Travel.
WisDOT_DTIM_BSHP_STN DatabaseWisDOT DTIM State Trunk Network (STN) Linear Referencing System.
WisDOT_DTIM_BSHP_TRADAS DatabaseWisDOT DTIM Traffic Count Database.
WisDOT_DTIM_BSHP_WisLR DatabaseWisDOT DTIM Wisconsin Local Roads (WISLR) Linear Referencing System.
WisDOT_DTIM_Contract Management SystemWisDOT DTIM LET Construction Project Database.
WisDOT_DTSD_BHM_RWIS Sensor StationsWisDOT DTSD Road Weather Information Service (RWIS) Network.
WisDOT_DTSD_BOS_Bridge DatabaseWisDOT DTSD Bridge Inventory Database.
WisDOT_DTSD_BTO_STOC_511 SystemThe 511 Traveler Information System provides information to the 511 telephony system and to the 511 website for information dissemination.
WisDOT_DTSD_BTO_STOC_511 Twitter AccountsTwitter is being used to send regional traveler information alerts to subscribers about incidents and severe road conditions. 511 Twitter currently consists of five different accounts, one for each region in the state of Wisconsin.
WisDOT_DTSD_BTO_STOC_511 XMLWisDOT 511 Traffic Conditions, Traffic Incidents, and Lane Closure Information in TMDD XML Format.
WisDOT_DTSD_BTO_STOC_ATMSWisDOT STOC Advanced Traffic Management System.
WisDOT_DTSD_BTO_STOC_ATMS Detector Data ExtractWisDOT STOC Traffic Detector Data (5-Minute Intervals).
WisDOT_DTSD_BTO_STOC_CCTVWisDOT STOC Traffic Camera Network.
WisDOT_DTSD_BTO_STOC_PersonnelThis element represents the personnel working for the STOC who can manage and control roadway equipment both from the STOC and remotely via a portable personal computer.
WisDOT_DTSD_BTO_Work Zone MapWisDOT BTO Highway Work Zones and Detour Information:
x-Other Data UsersOther Data Users
x-Other GovernmentOther Government
x-Other ISPOther Information Service Provider
x-TowingWaukesha County Gateway Patrol
Amirillo Towing
N5 W22966 Blue Mound Rd.
Waukesha, WI
Phone: 262-544-5414

Racine/Kenosha County Gateway Patrol
Don's Towing
2036 N Sylvania Ave
Sturtevant, WI 53177
Phone: (262) 886-4648

Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory.

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