WisTransPortal_Traffic Data Roles and Responsibilities

StakeholderRole and Responsibility
TerminatorsContractors, universities, and other end-users of WisTransPortal traffic data.
TOPS_WisTransPortalWisTransPortal traffic data resources, including database tables, archiving programs, and web applications, are all components of the WisTransPortal system which is located at the TOPS Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and managed by TOPS Lab IT staff.
WisDOTWisDOT-wide end-users of WisTransPortal traffic data.
WisDOT_DBM_BITSGenerates a monthly extract of TRADAS data for TOPS Lab (part of the LCS IT maintenance project).
WisDOT_DTIM_BPEDGenerates annual Vehicle Miles of Travel (VMT) estimates. VMT data is used by TOPS Lab to generate annual statewide crash rates for BTO Traffic Engineering Section.
WisDOT_DTIM_BSHPWisDOT data steward of the TRADAS traffic count database.
WisDOT_DTSD_BTO_STOCProvides TOPS Lab with a nightly extract of ATMS traffic detector data.

Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory.

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