WisTransPortal_Crash Data Roles and Responsibilities

StakeholderRole and Responsibility
TerminatorsEnd-users of WisTransPortal crash data. Government agencies, universities, and contractors working on state projects can obtain WisTransPortal login accounts to access crash data resources directly. Other end-users can request crash data from TOPS Lab. Crash data access options are described on the WisTransPortal website: http://transportal.cee.wisc.edu/services/crash-data/.
TOPS_WisTransPortalWisTransPortal MV4000 crash data resources, including the online retrieval facility, the crash database, and the crash report image file repository, are all components of the WisTransPortal system which is located at the TOPS Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and managed by TOPS Lab IT staff.
WisDOTWisDOT-wide crash data end-users. WisDOT staff are generally provided full access to crash data and crash reports through WisTransPortal login accounts.
WisDOT_DBM_BITSResponsible for several data flows, including: the MV4000 crash report image file transmission process, the annual RP crash map, and the annual update of STN and WISLR GIS network information (part of the LCS IT maintenance project).
WisDOT_DMVWisDOT data steward of MV4000 crash data and crash reports. Provides Traffic Accident Extract updates to TOPS Lab on a monthly and annual basis.
WisDOT_DTIM_BSHPWisDOT data steward of STN and WISLR GIS network information.

Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory.

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