Interface: WisDOT_DTSD_BTO_STOC_Personnel - TOPS_WisTransPortal_Lane Closure System

WisDOT_DTSD_BTO_STOC_Personnel to TOPS_WisTransPortal_Lane Closure System Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

event plans  (Existing)  

Plans for major events possibly impacting traffic.

maint and constr work plans  (Existing)  

Future construction and maintenance work schedules and activities including anticipated closures with anticipated impact to the roadway, alternate routes, anticipated delays, closure times, and durations.

road network conditions  (Existing)  

Current and forecasted traffic information, road and weather conditions, and other road network status. Either raw data, processed data, or some combination of both may be provided by this architecture flow. Information on diversions and alternate routes, closures, and special traffic restrictions (lane/shoulder use, weight restrictions, width restrictions, HOV requirements) in effect is included along with a definition of the links, nodes, and routes that make up the road network.

Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory.

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