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The WisTransPortal system serves the computing and data management needs of the Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety (TOPS) Laboratory. The project scope includes support for ITS data archiving, real-time traffic information services, transportation operations applications, and transportation research. Learn more.

Truck Parking - Performance Measure Reports

This page contains links to the tier one user reports. This includes all finalized quarterly performance measure reports for each participating State, 2019 - 2022.

TPIMS Reports - By Quarter

Name Link
Y2019Q1.xlsx Download
Y2019Q2.xlsx Download
Y2019Q3.xlsx Download
Y2019Q4.xlsx Download
Y2020Q1.xlsx Download
Y2020Q2.xlsx Download
Y2020Q3.xlsx Download
Y2020Q4.xlsx Download
Y2021Q1.xlsx Download
Y2021Q2.xlsx Download
Y2021Q3.xlsx Download
Y2021Q4.xlsx Download
Y2022Q1.xlsx Download
Y2022Q2.xlsx Download
2022Q1_FHWA_TIGER_VII MAASTO_Truck_Parking_Information_Management_System.xlsx Download

TPIMS Reports - Y19Q1 to Y20Q2

Name Link
Q1Y19toQ2Y20_Accuracy.xlsx Download
Q1Y19toQ2Y20_Accuracy2.xlsx Download
Q1Y19toQ2Y20_DT.xlsx Download
Q1Y19toQ2Y20_Util.xlsx Download

TPIMS Reports - Y20Q3 to Y21Q2

Name Link
Q3Y20toQ2Y21_Acc.xlsx Download
Q3Y20toQ2Y21_DT.xlsx Download
Q3Y20toQ2Y21_Util.xlsx Download

TPIMS Reports - Y21Q3 to Y21Q4

Name Link
Y21Q34_Full.xlsx Download

TPIMS Reports - Y22Q1

Name Link
Y22Q1_Full.xlsx Download

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