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The WisTransPortal System

The WisTransPortal system serves the computing and data management needs of the Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety (TOPS) Laboratory. The project scope includes support for ITS data archiving, real-time traffic information services, transportation operations applications, and transportation research. Learn more.

WisTransPortal Crash Data User Accounts

The WisTransPortal provides access to Wisconsin crash data and crash report image files through online query and retrieval tools. User accounts are available to WisDOT and other government agencies, Wisconsin RPCs and MPOs, and universities working on WisDOT sponsored projects. Account access for crash data is also available upon WisDOT approval to consultants and other organizations working on WisDOT projects. Information on requesting a new WisTransPortal account or modifying an existing account is provided below.

  • Request a New User Account

    To request a new account, please complete the WisTransPortal User Account Request Form. Consultant account requests for the crash data require prior WisDOT approval (see below).

  • Upgrade an Existing User Account

    To modify an existing user account to include access to crash data and/or police crash reports, please email TOPS Lab at

  • Guidelines for Consultant Accounts

    Access to the online crash data is available to consultants working on WisDOT projects. Consultant accounts are setup for 90-day renewable periods and require prior email approval from a WisDOT staff member to Additional information is available in the March 2010 Consultant Access Memo.

The TOPS Lab will process each account request as soon as possible. Most requests are processed within 3-5 business days.

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