Architecture Scope

The WisTransPortal ITS Project Architecture describes existing and planned elements, interfaces, and operational requirements of the WisTransPortal system as a subset of the Wisconsin Statewide Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Architecture. Its connections to other ITS systems, such as the Wisconsin 511 Traveler Information System and the Statewide Traffic Operations Center (STOC) Advanced Traffic Management System, are also represented.

Geographic Scope
The WisTransPortal provides centralized access to Wisconsin statewide traffic operations and safety data. It is physically located at the Traffic Operations and Safety (TOPS) Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is directly connected to the WisDOT ITSNET which provides a dedicated network path to the STOC and other WisDOT locations. The WisTransPortal supports information flows to all levels of state and local government, universities, contractors, media, and other organizations throughout Wisconsin and in neighboring states.

Planning Horizon
This project architecture includes planned information flows that are currently under development or will be developed in the near-term. Future information flows that are still only proposed are not included.

Service Scope
The WisTransPortal has been developed through primary sponsorship of the WisDOT Bureau of Traffic Operations (BTO). As such, most WisTransPortal resources directly support data and business requirements of the STOC and BTO Traffic Engineering Section. All systems developed on the WisTransPortal also support TOPS Lab and other university based transportation research as a primary function, generally through data archiving components.

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Several subprojects have been defined within the WisTransPortal project architecture to highlight key functional areas:

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The WisTransPortal project architecture is maintained, updated, and hosted by the TOPS Lab.

Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory.

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